SZFG expands the installation site for new electrolyser

28.05.2020 | News GrInHy2.0

In parallel to the manufacturing and assembling of both Sunfire’s steam electrolyser and Paul Wurth’s hydrogen processing unit, SZFG is preparing the installation site by expanding the foundation of the old GrInHy system and reworking the infrastructure.

What has been done to Since February 2020 a lot has changed in Salzgitter:

  • First GrInHy system retrieved for a post-mortem analysis
  • Transformer and low voltage distribution removed
  • Concrete foundation expanded and roughly doubled

What is going to stay?

  • All media connections will be re-used (hydrogen, steam) or rededicated (former natural gas link will be used for nitrogen) for the GrInHy2.0 system

So, what are the next steps?

  • Ground preparation for a concrete station containing the new transformer and low voltage distribution
  • Electrical installation of concrete station
  • Expansion of paved area

Once these tasks are completed, there is nothing to prevent the system from being installed in July 2020.