GrInHy is part of FCH JU's Success Stories

20.11.2019 | News GrInHy2.0

In the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking's (FCH JU) brochure "Making an impact on the clean energy transition" in total 24 Success Stories are presented representing the its funding activities. "Making Steel Green Through Hydrogen" is one of the FCH JU's Success Stories and the GrInHy project plays a major part in it.

Here the FCH JU's description:

"Check out our new and updated success stories to understand the impact of our projects and see how the FCH JU is making fuel cells and hydrogen an everyday reality in Europe. From hydrogen-powered cars and heavy-duty trucks to maritime applications, from tackling the barriers limiting the potential of electrolysers to greening the steel industry, our projects are helping to make an impact on the clean energy transition."

The brochure can be found on the FCH JU's website: