FCH JU meets GrInHy2.0 in Salzgitter

15.07.2021 | GrInHy2.0

On July 14, the FCHJU was a guest at the GrInHy2.0 project. As the FCH JU Executive Director, Bart Biebuyck was able to personally see the progress of the project and the operation of the world's most powerful high temperature electrolyser, but see see for yourself in the event's video recording (Salzgitter AG - YouTube): FCH2 JU meets GrInHy2.0:
Green Hydrogen for Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

Since the current Covid-19 situation prevented a larger event, the number of participants had to be severely limited: Besides Bart Biebuyck, Gunnar Groebler (CEO Salzgitter AG), Nils Aldag (CEO Sunfire GmbH) and the project coordination team, Simon Kroop (Salzgitter AG) and Oliver Posdziech (Sunfire GmbH), participated.

Since March, the electrolyser proved more than 2000 operating hours, produced and injected 15 tons of ‘green’ hydrogen and showed electrical efficiencies of about 84 %LHV.

Besides the visit of the GrInHy2.0 prototype, we also took the chance to show today’s usage of hydrogen in the hot-dip galvanizing line and to talk about Salzgitter’s large-scale CO2 avoidance project SALCOS® .